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Economic Model of Argentina Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Argentina is a free enterprise economy, having a strong reserve of around $50billion. It is the 3rd largest economy of Latin America. It is an emerging economy that benefits from Agriculture and Manufacturing. Being a part of the G20 countries, the economy of Argentina is dependant on its natural resources. The argentine economy rests on its exports and its manufacturing and industrial sector. A major portion of its labor force is a part of commerce and manufacturing and also agriculture. The country has started to increase taxes in order to decrease reliance on debt and remove fiscal imbalance. Zinc and Copper deposits have been found in the Northwest allowing for a mining sector as well. The country has transitioned into a flexible exchange rate regime and expansionary fiscal and monetary policies. Privatization in many sectors and regulation has somewhat allowed the country to benefit and grow in the long run. (Garcia)Argentina would need to target inflation along with some tigh tening of the fiscal policies to remain on its growth path in the long run. The extremely high level of subsidies would need to be readjusted since a large amount is being paid in the context. We will write a custom essay sample on Economic Model of Argentina or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page Also, measures need to be taken to ensure geographical dispersion with respect to building infrastructure. If the unemployment numbers are kept in check and better infrastructure is provided to industrial zones the country would become the best economy in South America.

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Aristotle s The Best Benefits For Human Beings - 946 Words

In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle propose that everything has its own function, including human beings. By fulfilling that function in an excellent way, one can achieve Eudaimonia. The idea later becomes to be known as the Ergon argument. This paper is intending to argue for the ergon argument. Aristotle enquires the best benefits for human beings. First, he starts by saying that everything in natures has its own function. For example: the hammer’s function is to hammer the nail, or a tree’s function is to grow effectively. Human being is not an exception. The unique function of ours is the ability to reason. As long as we are engaged in these rational activities, they will bring us the good. One may ask what is the good that Aristotle is†¦show more content†¦The common thing here is food or good grades are the outside factors. Happiness depends on the outside factors; therefore, it can change anytime. Eudaimonia is completely opposite. It cannot be easily changed, neither come nor leave because It does not depend on anything. Eudaimonia is intrinsic to human beings. Only human beings can experience Eudaimonia, the highest pleasure. One may ask what exactly the Eudaimonia is, if it is possible to be identified. Aristotle answer the four questions abou t it: Is it pleasure, honor, wealth or excellence? First, Eudaimonia is not pleasure. Pleasure is vulgar. People generally do not pursue pleasure for its own sake, pleasure is the side reward obtained from doing something else. Eudaimonia is not honor. One can only have honor when others give him. It solely depends on outside factors. Eudaimonia is not wealth. Wealth is used to get something else. Eudaimonia is not excellence (Arete). Excellence is entailed to the activities that one does. However, a person may possess excellence even when he does not do anything. Excellence is not sufficient in itself. Aristotle does agree that all these things are part of the Eudaimonia. We are able to have all of these good things because our souls have different parts that take care of different function in our life. The most important of course is the rational part of the soul. As stated above, it is important

Seismic Activity Essay Example For Students

Seismic Activity Essay California has 200 or more faults capable of producing large earthquakes. Some of the faults are hidden and some visible at the surface. The biggest concentration of faults are in the San Adreas fault zone and the San Jacinto fault zone. Because of Californias large amount of Fault lines the United States Geological Survey, the California division of mines and Geology, the California Institute and other agencies have developed the Southern California Earthquake Center and TriNet Seismic network. This organization monitors the earthquake activity. The seismographs are linked to a computer using a mix of GPS and Landlines . The seismography records are sent to a computer within a few minutes. The information is a available to the public via the Internet. Data at this site is saved to a catalog that are searchable by various parameters. After creating the project using ArcView GIS or Arc View 3D analyst, the next step was to determine the projects objective and scope. Once the data was obtained and converted, maps could be created and analysis performed. The projects objective was to ascertain whether there was a pattern to the earthquakes in Southern California. The area chosen stretches approximately 67 miles by 50 miles. The time frames was 6 months. The SCEC Data center Earthquake and Hypocenter and Phase database was queried for data. Available search parameters were data about magnitudes, start and end date, minimum and maximum depths and Longitude and Latitude. A second site from Cal Tech and the USGS was also used. Time measurements from the SCEC site were converted to Pacific standard time for use with Cal Tech/USGS data. Latittude and longitude measurement in degrees from Cal Tech site were converted to decimal degrees. The highway and street data (from arcview) were used. The highways around the area was selected. Data from the internet was used to determine where the faults were located. Using the line tool, as each line was drawn the name of the fault was added to the table. Once the map was completed, a 3d theme could be created. The 3d theme was created to show the depth of the faults (z axis). In order to make a TIN theme the themes from the 1st view was pasted into the 2nd view. A breakline theme was created parallel to and on each side of an observed pattern of earthquakes perpendicular to the San Jacinto fault. Using the earthquake point theme and breakline theme, an inverse distance weighting contour was created. The contour theme was used to create the TIN theme. The addition of this TIN caused the scene to rotate slowly and then the patterns became evident. There appears to be a pattern of quakes parallel to the San Jose and Cucamunga faults and perpendicular to the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults. This article was a excellent source to show the capabilities of Arc View GiS and Arc View 3D analyst. It also taught me a lot about all the wonderful uses and purposes for GIS. GIS will be used a lot more for stuff like vo lcanoes and earthquakes. Bibliography:

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Rhododendron Essays - Beekeeping, Diterpenes, Grayanotoxin

Rhododendron Rhododendron The plant rhododendron belongs to the family Ericaceae which also includes the Heath, and there are about eight-hundred fifty species which grow worldwide (Turner and Szczawinski, 171-2). The Heath family is a large one with so many species, all of the poisonous species fall into two of its subfamilies, one of which is the rhododendron. These cultivated plants occur naturally in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and in the mountains of Southeast Asia. They are located in the Himalayas with seven-hundred species, southwest China, Burma, and in New Guinea with over three-hundred species (Turner and szczawinski, 172). It has been popular as ornaments in gardens and has led to a major horticultural industry with its widely uses in landscaping. There are twenty-seven species native to North America, (Turner,172) and is the state plant of Washington. This specific plant is called R. macrophyllum or the Pacific rhododendron (Pojar and Mackinnon, 61). It forms a shrub layer in forests ranging from shoreline pine groves to stands of Douglas-fir and western Hemlock up in the mountains. Usually they are located everywhere from homes to freeway sides and also in the forests. The rhododendron shows a great variety in size, habit, and flower color, colors from white to pink, dark-purple, yellow, red, and orange (McKenzi,1). They range from small shrubs to small trees with evergreen leaves that are leathery. The leaves are short stalked, simple, and alternate, and the flowers are large, bell-shaped, and born in dense clusters. They are best grown on acidous soil with a ph of 4.5 and 6.5, included with lots of moisture and organic material (McKenzie, 3). The leaves, flowers, pollen, and nectar of many rhododendron species contain several toxins (Kingsbury, 50). These toxins are called grayanotoxins or andromedotoxin, a resinoid carbohydrate (Kingsbury, 51). It is prevalent in the flower nectar, and has caused poisoning of bees and the honey produced. The symptoms are similar to both humans and all animals. The human cases are that in which children chew the leaves and get the poison in their system, or when people drink tea made from the honey and plant (Abrahams, 2). It has been reported that animals clip the leaves for boredom or when they get hungry, as food is short (U.S food and drug admin., 3). The rhododendron is a beautiful plant which lies outside homes for decorations. People should become more aware of its toxicity and should take precautions when handling them. Grayanotoxin The plant rhododendron contains several toxins called grayanotoxins. Other well known but former names are rhodotoxin, andromedotoxin, and acetylandrome (U.S. food and drug admin., 1). They are included in almost all of the species rhododendron. The name of the disease is honey intoxication, which is caused by the consumption of honey produced (Abrahams 1). The grayanotoxins cause this intoxication, and the specific toxins vary with the plant species. Other names associated with this disease is rhododendron poisoning, mad hone intoxication or grayanotoxin poisoning. (U.S food and drug admin., 1) The poisoning results from the ingestion of grayanotoxin contaminated honey. The other ways that it can get into your system is if you consume plant parts. Every part of the plant is poisonous, the flowers, nectar, honey, and especially the leaves, which contain more. In humans, symptoms of poisoning occur six hours after a dose. These symptoms include salivation, vomiting, very low blood pressure, loss of coordination, muscular weakness, slow and irregular heartbeat, and comas, followed by death in extreme cases. (U.S. FDA,2) All organisms such as animals and humans are affected in the same way. The treatments are to induce vomiting, or perform gastric lavage, replace fluids and maintain electrolyte balance, monitor heart beat, blood pressure and breathing. Even though the cases reported have been rare, people still should become aware of this toxin. House pets eat the plants, children do also, so they should be taught to stay away from these plants.

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Temperature Inversions essays

Temperature Inversions essays Large-scale temperature inversions occur in the lower atmosphere when warm air overlies cooler air. These widespread inversions are caused by a variety of factors. The four primary types of inversions are the marine inversions, regional subsidence inversions, high-pressure inversions, and radiation inversions. Marine inversions occur near the coast, mainly near the western side of continents where marine air is blown inland by prevailing winds. The ocean is cool compared to the land therefore the air right above the ocean is also cool. The prevailing winds blow this cool air toward the land. Meanwhile, the land is warm due to solar radiation. The warm air rises and circulates above the cooler air creating a temperature inversion. At night, the land cools quickly. This causes a reverse circulation where cool air moves from the land over to the water. Regional subsidence inversions are created when air flows over an obstacle such as a mountain range or blows from a high plateau and descends into a lower basin. After the air crosses the obstacle it descends and is heated by adiabatic compression. This means that the air becomes hotter as it compresses into the lower regions of the troposphere due to its own energy. This air is typically dry which causes it to warm very quickly (this is known as a dry adiabat). The air will descend until it reaches the denser, colder air found at the surface. Once there, it will spread out over the cooler air and form a temperature inversion. A high-pressure inversion can form when a stationary high-pressure system settles over a region. This is a common occurrence in the southern California coastal zone. Inside the high-pressure system, dry air slowly descends as it circulates. The subsidence causes the air to pressurize and warm. The warm air then traps the cooler coastal air and a temperature inversion is created. A radiation inversion occurs when heat is rapidly lost from the surface by ...

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Reasons Women Choose Abusive Partners Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Reasons Women Choose Abusive Partners - Thesis Example The violence that is mostly gender based denies the rights that can be enjoyed by women. This violates a woman's personality in such a way that she is unable to function properly thus becoming mentally paralyzed and eventually they end up being abused by men. 2. Women of all standards and backgrounds are vulnerable to violence whereas there are some who are more likely to be the victims of violence. This includes young and immature women, disable or financially weak women. Women who are of ethnic and racial minorities also face problems related to violence. 3. The law and government also play a significant role in the violation of women. Enough rights are not granted to women due to the racial and sex discrimination. They are often arrested for invalid reasons whereas the same attitude is not maintained with the aboriginal people. This is the biggest example of racial discrimination. These women are more likely forced to lead their lives with abusive partners.1 4. The victims have to face the trauma of the entire violence themselves and also the sexism that is associated with the process of holding their victims accountable. Ultimately they give up on their lives and end up on streets waiting for the cabs or buses that would leave them on the mercy of violent people. They choose abusive partners and houses with inadequate security since they are left with no other choice than this. They grudgingly depend on the people who trade them for sex and are most importantly their bosses. 5. Those women who are subordinate, socially or economically an immigrants and refugees also face these problems. Refugees are mostly confined to domestic or hectic work for which they are paid very less. They are not aware of their legal rights and are often threatened that their rights would be confiscated and they would be deported in case they report violence. Women are often sexually harassed and do not have any kind of support whatsoever. Due to this they end up on streets and are ultimately paired with abusive partners so as to finance themselves economically. 6. Women who are victims of sexism are bound to face the violence problems and are subjected to drugs and abusive company which leads them even further into the darkness an devils of this process.2 B. Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to have a look into the victims' life, carefully study and analyze and then seek for the appropriate solution. This entire process is adopted so as to free the women from their miseries and horrible past so that they can acquire their legal rights and lead a respectable life. Women abuse and violation has been a part of our society since ages. Women have been victims of violence, hatred, abuse etc. and its increasing day by day. A lot of women have turned up and expressed their views about their past while some still tend to remain quiet about it. Be it due to their partner's fear or due to the society. Women are being forced to choose abusive partners and this has been a persistent problem and there is a dire need that this problem be identified at the roots, analyzed and solved. C. Guiding questions There are a number of questions relevant to women violence which dominate our society. It is very important to look deeply into the problem and carefully

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Living as a Jain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Living as a Jain - Essay Example I was touched and gave him my only sweater to make him warm. In addition, I gave him 20 dollars to cater for his food. I had turned compassionate to the situation, something which Americans ignore. That day, I vowed to return to a nearby homeless station and donate some of my old clothes. The idea of doing well to the less fortunate warmed me up as I went to school. During lunch break, I met with a boy whom I have hated since my first day in school for being a bully, by remembering Jainism teachings; I opted to forgive him for his wrong doings and went forth with my other activities. It really felt nice after 10 years of hating him. In the afternoon, in having an impromptu exam which I had not prepared well for it, while most of my classmates were copying through their iPhones, I opted to stay ethical and do the right thing by not lying to myself. As the day ended, I decided not to accompany my girlfriend to her place and refrain from any romantic feelings just like any Jain would do. All in all, as the day ended, I was pleased to be part of the Jain